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Nature & Wildlife: Birdwatching

Le Marche region offers diverse habitats and a rich variety of bird species, making it an excellent destination for birdwatching. Birdwatchers can delight in spotting over 300 species of birds, including peregrine falcons, kestrels, and vibrant flamingos along the region's wetlands Here's an overview of bird species and birdwatching opportunities in Le Marche:

Bird Species

​Coastal Birds

Yellow-legged Gull: Common along the coast, these gulls can be seen soaring over beaches and cliffs.

Little Egret: Often found in coastal wetlands, these elegant white herons are a common sight.

Grey Heron: These tall wading birds are frequently seen in wetlands and along rivers.

Common Tern: Recognizable by their slender bodies and distinctive black caps, they are often seen diving for fish near the coast.

Wetland Birds

Flamingo: Some wetland areas attract flamingos, especially during migration.

Marsh Harrier: These birds of prey can be spotted gliding over reed beds in wetland areas.

Great White Egret: A larger relative of the Little Egret, often seen in wetlands and shallow waters.

Pied Avocet: Known for their upturned bills and striking black-and-white plumage, they frequent coastal lagoons and wetlands.


Peregrine Falcon: Known for their speed and agility, these raptors are often found in hilly and mountainous regions.

Buzzard: Common in wooded areas and hilly terrain, they are known for their distinctive calls.

Kestrel: Frequently seen hovering over fields and hunting for small mammals.


European Bee-eater: These colourful birds are known for their stunning plumage and unique feeding habits.

Hoopoe: Recognizable by their distinctive crown of feathers, they forage for insects in grasslands and woodlands.

Cuckoo: Known for their distinctive call, cuckoos are often heard before they are seen.

European Goldfinch: These small, colourful birds are common in gardens and farmlands.

Mountain Birds

Golden Eagle: These majestic birds of prey inhabit the higher reaches of the Apennine Mountains.

Alpine Chough: Often seen in mountainous areas, these birds are known for their acrobatic flights.

Rock Ptarmigan: A well-camouflaged bird often found at high altitudes.


Mallard Duck: Common in freshwater lakes and ponds.

Teal: A small, colourful duck often found in wetlands.

Great Crested Grebe: Known for their striking crests, they are often seen on lakes and larger bodies of water.

This list is by no means exhaustive, as Le Marche's biodiversity supports a wide array of bird species. Birdwatching enthusiasts will find ample opportunities to spot both common and rare birds in the region, making it a rewarding destination for birdwatchers of all levels of experience birdlife make it a fantastic destination for both experienced and novice birdwatchers. 

Habitats: Le Marche boasts a diverse landscape, including coastal areas, wetlands, hills, and the Apennine Mountains. This variety of ecosystems supports a wide range of birdlife.

Coastal Birds: Along the Adriatic coast, you can spot various seabirds, including gulls, terns, and herons. The coastal wetlands are home to waders like sandpipers and plovers.

Wetlands: The region has several wetland areas, such as the Valli di Comacchio and the Parco Regionale del Conero. These areas attract migratory birds like flamingos, herons, and ducks.

Mountain Birds: As you move inland and into the Apennines, you'll find species adapted to mountainous terrain, such as eagles, falcons, and choughs. The woodlands are inhabited by owls, woodpeckers, and various songbirds.

Migration: Le Marche is a crucial stopover for migratory birds traveling along the Adriatic Flyway. Spring and autumn are excellent times to witness migration.

Notable Species: Some notable bird species in Le Marche include the European Bee-eater, Red-backed Shrike, Hoopoe, and various birds of prey like the Peregrine Falcon and Golden Eagle.

Birdwatching Sites: There are dedicated birdwatching sites and nature reserves throughout the region. The WWF Oasis of Alviano and the Gola del Furlo Nature Reserve are popular spots.

Local Birding Groups: Consider joining local birdwatching groups or hiring a local guide who can lead you to the best birdwatching locations and help identify species.

Seasonal Variations: Birdwatching in Le Marche is rewarding year-round, with each season offering different species. Spring and autumn are prime for migration, while summer is great for coastal and wetland birds,

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