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Visiting Le Marche: Holiday Rentals

Holiday Rentals

The holiday rental market in Le Marche provides an array of options for new visitors seeking accommodations in this Italian region. From charming B&Bs to spacious holiday homes and traditional agriturismo, there's something to suit various preferences and travel needs. We plan to find and share the best vacation spots in every category of holiday rentals across all five provinces. Stay tuned for updates as we build your perfect holiday getaway!


B&Bs (Bed and Breakfasts)

Ideal for a cozy stay, B&Bs offer comfort and a personal touch, often situated in historic towns or the beautiful countryside. They're excellent for those desiring a more intimate and home-like experience, often providing a delicious breakfast prepared by the hosts.


Holiday Homes

If you're looking for more space and independence, holiday homes—ranging from quaint apartments to larger villas—present a perfect choice. These rentals offer privacy and flexibility, ideal for families or groups exploring the region.

Historic Holiday Residences

Many towns and villages in Le Marche have well-preserved historic centres with centuries-old townhouses and palazzi. Some of these properties have been renovated and converted into holiday rentals, offering guests the opportunity to stay in the heart of a medieval or Renaissance-era town and experience local life up close.


Agriturismo (Farm Stays)

For an authentic rural experience, agriturismo accommodations on working farms are a highlight. Guests can engage in farm activities, savor local produce, and immerse themselves in the genuine agricultural heritage of Le Marche.


New visitors can select accommodations according to their preferences, whether it's exploring historic towns, enjoying the tranquility of the countryside, or engaging in an authentic agricultural experience. The diverse holiday rental market in Le Marche caters to varied tastes, ensuring a memorable stay reflecting the region's unique landscapes and lifestyle.

We've highlighted some accomodation below:


Historic Holiday Residence - Palazzo Fiorenzi, Osimo, Province of Ancona

Palazzo Fiorenzi

Contact: Gianlorenzo Fiorenzi

Address: Piazza del duomo, 5, 60027 Osimo, Ancona

Tel: +39 366 6862214



☒ Luggage Lift ☒ Reserved Parking ☒ Wifi ☒ Terrace for Smokers 

Palazzo Fiorenzi, nestled in the heart of Osimo, within the province of Ancona, Le Marche, is a resplendent testament to Renaissance architecture and the storied lineage of the Fiorenzi family. Dating back to the 12th century, the Fiorenzi clan emerged from the bustling spice trade, ascending society's ranks through their entrepreneurial prowess. Their journey from spice merchants to esteemed figures within the community culminated in the construction of the magnificent Palazzo Fiorenzi in 1560, commissioned by Antonio Fiorenzi.The palace, a masterpiece of Renaissance design, exudes grandeur with its imposing facades and intricate architectural details.

Its central location in Osimo’s historic centre renders it a focal point of the city, a beacon of cultural heritage and opulence. Within its walls, the palace holds treasures of art and history, most notably its interior frescoes adorning the main halls. These vibrant depictions of life and history from the Renaissance era serve as a testament to the prestige and wealth of the Fiorenzi family, custodians of the palace for centuries. Palazzo Fiorenzi not only stands as a symbol of architectural and artistic beauty but also holds great historical significance.

Throughout the ages, it has borne witness to numerous significant events and played host to esteemed historical figures. The palace's narrative intertwines with the rich tapestry of Italian history, reflecting the rise and influence of the Fiorenzi family within the Papal State.

Designed and constructed by Teodosio Fiorenzi, Antonio's son, the palace's facade boasts elegant mannerist architecture, characterized by faux rustic ashlar. Teodosio, also an appointed bishop by Pope Pius V, left his mark on the palace with meticulous redecoration, including the ceiling of the entrance hall and the completion of the wall's pictorial adornments.

Agriturismo - La Campana, Montefiore dell'Aso, Province of Ascoli Piceno

La Campana

Contact: Elisa Nichetti or Roberta Bulgarelli

Address: Contrada Menocchia 39, 63062 Montefiore dell'Aso

Tel: +39 0734939012 / 073498229 Fax: 0734938229


Agriturismo  Farmhouse Self Catering ☒ Countryside ☒ Restaurant ☒ Swimming Pool

☒ Sports Facilities ☒ Spa ☒ Shared Garden ☒ Tennis Court ☒ Events Mgmt 

☒ Distance from the sea: 4km ☒ 10 Rooms ☒ Free Public Parking Onsite  ☒ Pets Allowed

Founded by a passionate group of countryside enthusiasts, Cooperativa La Campana has now proudly entered its fourth decade of operation. With tender care from its dedicated members, this thriving

cooperative has transformed into a haven known as Bride Land.Agriturismo La Campana sits just 7 kilometers away from the picturesque beaches of Cupra Marittima, nestled along the enchanting Riviera delle Palme. Within an hour's reach of the majestic Sibillini Mountains, it boasts stunning views of Val Menocchia amidst the gentle hills between Montefiore dell'Aso and Ripatransone. From here, visitors can easily explore the captivating attractions of Piceno and the charming cities of Fermo and Ascoli Piceno.

B&B - Torrione Sant'Angelo, Montefiore dell'Aso, Province of Ascoli Piceno

Contact: Niccoló Montani

Address: Via Leopardi, 20, 63062 Montefiore dell’Aso

Tel: 0734.912107 / 393.9720058


B&B ☒ Town Centre ☒ Palazzo ☒ Historic Building

Torrione Sant'Angelo: a majestic medieval tower, considered an important historical heritage, which has recently been restored while preserving its original structure intact. Within this charming building, three rooms with private bathrooms have been skilfully created, offering visitors the utmost comfort.

B&B - Le Due Palme, Sirolo, Province of Ancona

Le Due Palme B&B

Contact: Maria Sole Lanari

Address: Via San Michele, 3, Sirolo, Ancona

Tel: +39 071 9332386 / +39 393 4519989



B&B ☒ Town Centre

Our B&B is located in the heart of Sirolo, along the main street, just a stone's throw away from the central square and its enchanting old town. We are in a restricted traffic zone (ZTL), so you will have free access to car circulation. Fully serviced and equipped with all necessities: bars, restaurants, supermarkets, tobacco shops, pharmacies, and more. The beaches can be reached in a few minutes on foot, through the various paths offered by the Conero Park, one of which runs right alongside our property, or by bus, with a stop right in front of the main entrance of the Villa. Our guests will have the opportunity to appreciate and taste local products, get lost in cultural events and exhibitions, immerse themselves in the sounds and scents of Sirolo Park, which was once an integral part of the Villa and is now partly dedicated to the B&B. Within a short distance from the property, those staying with us will find culture, sports, leisure time, shopping, events, relaxation, and everything that enriches a vacation.

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