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Living in Le Marche: Pet Care & Food

Le Marche offers a range of veterinary services, including exceptional care, hospitals, and clinics for pets and animals.


Veterinary Care

Veterinary services in Le Marche are comprehensive and cover various aspects of animal health. Local veterinarians provide routine check-ups, vaccinations, preventive care, and treatments for common ailments. They also offer nutritional advice and guidance for pet owners.


Hospitals and Clinics

The region hosts numerous veterinary hospitals and clinics equipped with modern facilities and staffed by skilled veterinarians. These facilities cater to various needs, from emergency care to specialized treatments. They provide diagnostic services, surgeries, dental care, and critical care units for animals in need of intensive treatment.


Prominent Veterinary Centres

Institutions like the University of Camerino have teaching hospitals providing cutting-edge veterinary care.

Private Veterinary Clinics

There are various private clinics throughout Le Marche, offering a wide array of services for pets and larger animals.

Specializations and Services

Some clinics specialize in particular services, such as orthopaedic surgeries, dermatology, ophthalmology, or rehabilitation. Others might focus on specific animal types, like equine clinics or those primarily catering to small pets.


Emergency Services

24-hour emergency care is available in several locations, ensuring animals have access to urgent medical attention at any time of the day.

Mobile Veterinary Services

Some veterinarians offer mobile services, providing in-home care for pets, making it convenient for owners who might have difficulty transporting their animals to clinics.


Technological Advancements

Many veterinary clinics in Le Marche incorporate the latest technology for diagnostics, treatment, and surgeries, ensuring the best possible care for the animals.


Pet Food - Fidovet

Contact: Alessandro Marcucci Carboni

Tel: 3409704073

Facebook: fidovet

Email: or



☒ Cat ☒ Dog ☒ Small animals

Home-made meals for your pet! FidOVet is Italy’s leading natural pet food company. Using fresh meat, fish, rice and vegetables good enough for humans to eat, FidOVet’s chef creates a variety of healthy, balanced meals specifically for the animal members of the family. Thanks to an innovative cooking and packing system, each meal can be kept fresh for up to 90 days in the refrigerator and contains no chemical preservatives in any of the recipes.

The FidOVet team worked closely with nutritionists and veterinarians to develop the range of pet food, and ready-made meals are available from retailers in Italy, Switzerland and Spain . Chicken, turkey and pork are mixed with rice, carrots, peas and green beans to provide the optimum amount of protein, carbohydrates and fiber for animal health. For pets needing supplements, a range of Fidovet nutraceuticals is also available by prescription from a veterinarian. And for pets with additional nutritional needs, Fidovet’s chef provides personalised meal plans specifically for your cat or dog.

A family-run business, FidOVet is based in Grottammare, province Ascoli Piceno, Italy’s Marche region. Founded, owned and managed by Alessandro Marcucci Carboni , Fidovet’s Research and Development is led by his mother, Messiana Carboni, a Montefiore dell’Aso native. R&D is an essential component of the company’s innovative approach to natural health foods, creating both the nutraceuticals and the processes that keep the meals chemical-free.

A family’s shared passion for animal welfare grew into the FidOVet company as it is today. Find out more online, and for a bespoke pet menu, call or fill out the design-a-meal form on the website for a consultation
with the chef.


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