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We are a cultural non-profit organization dedicated to fostering an international, inclusive community that promotes and preserves the unique beauty, identity, and rich heritage of Le Marche.

Our mission 

Identify and promote sustainable long-term solutions to keep small communities in the countryside of Le Marche vibrant and prosperous, minimizing the risk of further depopulation and cultural erosion from globalization and urbanization.

Through our website, we showcase the best of Le Marche in order to attract cultural tourists and prospective home buyers seeking to share an authentic, healthy Italian lifestyle all within walking distance of historic town centers and active community life.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive multilingual support services for first-time visitors and those looking to acquire a home, live in Le Marche, and benefit from residence or Italian citizenship, fostering a strong and engaged community.

Feel free to read the Statute of our Association 'Friends of Le Marche, Italy' here!

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Montefiore dell'Aso, Province of Ascoli Piceno, founded in 1178. This enchanting town is the birthplace and inspiration for the Association of the Friends of Le Marche, Italy. (

Our Goals

1 Building Stronger Communities Together

Our goal is to attract cultural enthusiasts from around the world who cherish historic villages and aspire to own homes within walking distance of our historic town centres. By inviting these individuals to join our community, we aim to enrich our cultural heritage and share an authentic and healthy Italian lifestyle. This initiative not only enhances our cultural diversity but also contributes to the preservation of our heritage and the protection of our environment.  Through this effort, we envision a vibrant, interconnected community where residents actively engage in local activities, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support. By valuing and preserving our rich traditions, we create a sustainable model for living that benefits both current and future generations. Join us in this journey to build stronger communities together, where every step taken is a step towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

2 Multilingual Support Network

We believe in fostering connections, nurturing relationships and a sense of belonging. To support your journey, we introduce you to a network of multilingual professionals across the region. From property exploration and transactions to renovations and home maintenance, our network is ready to assist with all your needs as you settle into life in Le Marche. We offer a comprehensive range of support services for both first time visitors to those wishing to acquire a home, live in Le Marche and benefit from taking residence and/or Italian citizenship.

3 Promotion of Health and Well-being

We proudly highlight and promote the healthy lifestyle of living in the Le Marche region. A region where you can live a longer, healthier and authentic lifestyle. The extremely diverse landscapes and natural environments of Le Marche provide countless opportunities to enjoy a wide range of sports and outdoor activities. This region is a natural haven for health, well-being, and longevity, thanks to its varied landscapes, healthy lifestyle, and strong sense of community. Whether you're engaging in outdoor sports, embracing the Mediterranean diet, or participating in wellness programs, life in Le Marche is enriched by nature and vitality. Those who live in or visit Le Marche can truly enjoy a vibrant, healthful, and fulfilling life.

5 Research in Sustainability

We are excited to announce our plan to research sustainable strategies for the environment, economy, and society. This Index will assess various factors such as environmental sustainability, economic vitality, and social wellbeing. By providing a comprehensive and transparent evaluation, we aim to empower potential home buyers with the knowledge they need to choose the best locations for their needs and aspirations. Additionally, municipalities throughout the region will be motivated to compete with each other to improve their ratings, thereby enhancing their desirability to potential home buyers and investors. This healthy competition will drive continuous improvement, fostering sustainable development and a higher quality of life for all residents.

6 Positive Legacy for future generations

We aim to leave a positive legacy that inspires and motivates future generations. Together, let’s preserve our cultural heritage while embracing the authentic and wholesome Italian lifestyle. Join us in preserving our cultural heritage and enjoying the authentic, healthy Italian lifestyle. Together, we can inspire future generations and leave a positive legacy. Let's make Le Marche your home!

7 Funding

Our website and research projects are made possible by the support of our wonderful community through annual membership fees and generous donations. We believe that sponsors who choose to promote their services on our site can play an even bigger role in helping us grow and thrive. Our website is in the final stages of construction. Please note that we haven't yet installed a payment system for members and sponsors, but we're working on it and will have it up and running soon. Thank you for your patience and support!

4 Showcase the Best of Le Marche

We actively promote the rich cultural and natural heritage of Le Marche by showcasing its finest offerings. Our comprehensive overview highlights a selection of the region’s immense cultural treasures, from exquisite art and architecture, ancient civilizations, archaeological sites to culinary delights, fashion outlets and natural spas. Additionally, we present the extraordinary geographical diversity of Le Marche, featuring scenic snowcapped mountains, rolling hills, sandy beaches and natural wonders that make Le Marche truly special.

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