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About Us:
Friends of Le Marche, Italy

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3 Investment and Funding

Attract public and private investment to rehabilitate and restore historic buildings and infrastructure. Seek funding from regional, national, and EU development programs aimed at revitalizing rural areas.

4 Cultural Enrichment Through Tourism

Our goal is to attract cultural tourism, with the hope that a significant number of visitors will be drawn to buying a home in these historic centres. This not only enriches our community but allows others to share in the authentic Italian lifestyle that Le Marche has to offer. Our regional website will enable us to raise funds to finance socio-cultural initiatives and exchanges.

5 Your Cultural Comfort Zone

Our regional website serves as a reliable source for visitors and locals alike, providing valuable information about the best that the Marche region has to offer. Consider it your cultural comfort zone, where you can explore and discover the hidden gems of this beautiful area as well as benefit from an online Q&A forum with members of the association.

6 Connecting You with Experts

We aim to connect you with the best regional professionals who specialize in various aspects, from property search, purchases to building restoration. Our network includes builders, engineers, architects, restorers, real estate agents, banks, mortgage providers, lawyers, notaries, accountants, translators, interpreters, and surveyors, all with a strong reputation for welcoming foreign visitors and delivering top-notch services.

We're excited to embark on this journey with you, celebrating the wonders of Le Marche, Italy, and fostering a community dedicated to preserving its unique heritage and culture. Join us and be a part of something truly special.
The development of the regional websites results from our commitment to the preservation and restoration of our shared heritage and, equally importantly, the shared passion to genuinely want to make a difference. Ultimately, our goal is to leave a positive legacy for the next generation!

Our Mission: Building Stronger Communities Together

Welcome to Friends of Le Marche, Italy! We are a cultural non-profit association which aims to create an international, inclusive community focused on preserving the unique beauty, identity, and rich heritage of Le Marche. We hope to achieve this by embracing long-term, sustainable solutions which can preserve small communities nestled in Le Marche's countryside, keeping them alive and thriving for generations to come.

We can share what makes the region so special by providing a comprehensive overview of the region’s rich art and architecture, ancient civilisations and archaeological sites, culinary delights, snowy peaks, sunny beaches and natural wonders.

Our aim is to entice cultural enthusiasts who treasure historic villages from all over the world with a view to their purchasing homes within walking distance of our historic town centres. Not only would this enrich our community, but it would also help to preserve our cultural heritage in exchange for sharing an authentic and healthy Italian lifestyle. 

We also believe in the importance of fostering connections and nurturing relationships. That’s why we promote Le Marche by introducing and linking you to a network of multilingual professionals across the region ready to assist with everything from property exploration, transactions, renovations, maintenance of homes to anything you need to settle into Le Marche life. Lastly, and just as important, we aim to leave behind a positive legacy that inspires and motivates the next generation to pursue.

Together, let’s preserve our cultural heritage while embracing the authentic and wholesome Italian lifestyle!

Feel free to read our Statute of our Association 'Friends of Le Marche, Italy' here!

Here is how we hope to achieve our goals:

1 Preserving Cultural and Architectural Heritage

We encourage and facilitate real estate purchases of charming period townhouses and properties located within walking distance of historic town centres. By doing so, we're dedicated to safeguarding the rich cultural and architectural heritage of this region.

2 Championing Heritage Protection

We're passionate about preserving the cultural treasures found in historic centres. We actively promote the importance of respecting historical context, recovery plans, and building regulations, ensuring that our heritage remains intact for future generations to enjoy.

Founder Members of the Friends of Le Marche, Italy Association

Our association's founders are a dynamic international team, embodying a rich blend of multilingual and multicultural backgrounds. United by a shared passion for preserving the cultural legacy and natural beauty of Le Marche, our diverse group brings together a mosaic of experiences and perspectives.

Founder Members
Berdini Maria Teres
a LinkedIn
Carboni Messiana LinkedIn
De Luca Daphne LinkedIn
Egidi Guido LinkedIn
Egidi Massimo LinkedIn
Francucci Massimo LinkedIn
Fracasso Giovanni LinkedIn
Grassetti Silvia LinkedIn
Marcelli Miro LinkedIn
Maurizi Federica LinkedIn
Percival Theresa LinkedIn

Prospective Founder Members
Agostini Roberto
Corrá Fabio Website
Defant Marcello LinkedIn
Fortuna Fabio LinkedIn
Gavazzi Isabella LinkedIn
Hellquist Pieter LinkedIn
Hobbs Michael LinkedIn
Michetti Lusi LinkedIn
Nicolai Carlo LinkedIn
Panini Manuela Francesca LinkedIn
Paradisi Silvia
Rotunno Marco LinkedIn
Tarroni Michele LinkedIn
von Dellingshausen Christoph LinkedIn
Schulze-Raestrup Angela LinkedIn

Honorary Associates
Bonanni Margherita
Clark Bruce LinkedIn
Hazelhoff Albert LinkedIn
Longhi Sauro LinkedIn
Rosati Vitali Rita LinkedIn
Soricchetti Alfredo LinkedIn
McCourt John Francis LinkedIn

Web Support
Christianson Fiona (Web Developer)
Tassi Valeria (Web Manager) LinkedIn

Our Partners

Associazione Terra d’Armonie
(website under construction)

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